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Roaring Twenties

January 1, 2020

Hi Everyone


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We finally made it into a new decade and it's gonna be the roaring twenties. I mean I wish, with all the flapper dresses, men in suits and prohibition but nah I don't think its gonna be like that.


I have made the executive decision to make 2020 my year of being an absolute bad ass who doesn't have time for any fake people, idiots or mess. It's gonna be the year where I get a six pack, a cat and get closer to all my current friend. (maybe make some new ones too!) 


Gone are the days where people walk all over me and I don't give a reaction, now I am not a woman to be crossed. I will bite back this year and no one is gonna make a mug of me! 

I'm also gonna get my arse back into doing yoga more. I need to get back to how zen I used to feel and how amazing yoga used to make me feel. I am aiming to do it twice a week when not at work (because at work I finish too late) and try to do it at home more. I have this habit of putting on a yoga video on classpass so I can do it in my bedroom then give up after 15 minutes because I don't like the sequencing or the instructors too annoying. I wish I had the money to go back to corepower yoga but I don't have that amount of money to spend each month. 

I also really want to find students to teach yoga to, I loved teaching at the community classes when I was training and would love to find some joy again to distract me from the mind numbing hell that is school. 


I also want to make time every fortnight to hang out with my friends properly without being too exhausted and asleep at 10.30pm because my social life isn't great and I do need to hang out with my friends in NY more. Another exciting thing thats happening in 2020 is that I am adopting a cat, as soon as possible I am going to the city shelter to find a floof. I see all my friends who have cats and ho much love they have and the snuggles they get etc and I genuinely think thats whats missing in my life since Rosie died, so watch this space! 


Hope you all had a great New Years Eve and here's to a belta New Year!


Charlotte x







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