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Twenty Nineteen

December 31, 2019


Hi Everyone


As if its that time of year again! Another year over and it's time for the overview of the year. It honestly feels like I've lived 2 different years in the space of one. The start of 2019 was COMPLETELY different to how it's ended and I'll admit it hasn't ended the way I thought it would have, so much has changed both for the better and the worse. I also feel like I've aged about 5 years in the space of a year (maybe thats why everyone thinks I'm 24/25 when they first meet me) but I do feel like I have matured now to a being a real adult with her own flat, job and responsibilities. I also cannot believe that its the end of the decade, where did the time go??? I started off the decade as a child and now I'm a real adult 21 year old. What a wild 10 years its been. But this post os just an overview of 2019 because an overview of the decade would be 3 months of writing long and tbh whats happened in the past is in the past.



I think this has been my biggest achievement of the year was taking my ass to a yoga class at Corepower Yoga and it honestly changed my life and led to me being a fully qualified yoga teacher. Yoga brought me so much joy this year and really helped direct my life down a positive and meaningful path instead of mad seshing all the time. Getting to train for 13 weeks with my yogi family was such a blessing and lead me to some of my closest friends in New York. I haven't done as much yoga since the Summer which low key makes me sad but in 2020 I am gonna try my hardest to do Yoga twice a week, even though my schedule from school is hell. I also want to teach more and actually have regular students so I have something to work towards and be able to share my yoga knowledge with people!

I genuinely miss seeing these humans all the time and hope that we get to have a mini reunion in 2020. Yoga really keeps me calm and brings a sense of normality to my busy life.



I found my apartment this year which has turned into my safe little haven on the Upper East Side, I adore my place and love having my own space. My life definitely improved once I got out of the dorms and found my lil apartment. For example if I have a rough day at school I can go home and not see anyone or talk to anyone. It also led me to meeting Grace who was the best roommate possible. I still consider her my friend even though she lives all the way in South Carolina now, and I am planning a trip down there. I am very excited that in 2020 I am getting a cat because even though I like living alone it does get very lonely at times and what I would give for some floof at the end of a crap day.



2019 has been a rough year where I have had a brutal kick into reality of who I can trust and who are human pieces of garbage who don't deserve to breath the same air as me but 2019 has also been the year where I have made some amazing, genuine and lush friends who I can't imagine life without now. They have been there for me through everything and I love them to bits. I do have to thank British Airways for cancelling my flight in June, because it lead me to meeting someone who would become one of my closest friends (Courtenay you legend)! So Courtenay, Patrick, Jonny, Leah, Hannah, Madison, Phil, Melanie, Peach Squad and my Yogi's thank you so much y'all and I can't wait for 2020 together! It's funny because I finally have all these friends but we have barely any pictures together because when we hang out we are too busy chatting and having fun that we don't even think to take selfies! I'd rather live in the moment with them then have to have a full photo session to prove we have been hanging out.



Now as we know I have had a really rough year when it comes to school and transferred to AMDA in October as AADA was no longer a safe place to train or progress as a performer. I'm still deciding if it was the right choice for me to move but hey ho I'm stuck at AMDA now. I have had some amazing teachers so far and have now got a really good group of friends who I love dearly. The peach squad are what keep me sane at school because believe me there are some absolute divvy's at my school that test my patience as a human being on a daily basis but having a solid group of friends who make me laugh is amazing! And getting to watch them perform in Musical Theatre class is a real treat. Especially after we've all rehearsed them! I do now have a job on campus and it is very tiring. After being at school all day and rehearsals and work, I ended up doing 5 12-14 hour days a week which is an actual killer. Yes I'm on minimum wage but every week I do think it's not worth all the bullshit from my job and the way certain people treat me. However if I am getting a cat I need to financially be able to afford everything for a cat because if not thats pretty unfair. Like if I can't afford to keep myself then I can't go and get a cat. 



This Summer I spent a lot of time in Central Park and exploring the city, mainly by myself because I had no friends reall over the Summer. It was nice though to have time to just be by myself and I didn't have to rely on anyone. Like if last minute I wanted to to go to Central Park and Roller skate I could just walk over and have a skate around. I think the longest I skated was about 4 miles which was a killer and wrecked my toe stops. But I loved being out in the sun with no responsibilities except my Teacher Training work which was very enjoyable! However when it got to 35 degrees celsius that was enough for me so I sat indoors with the AC. 

TV and Film

2019 has been the year of some great movies and TV shows for me and it's really inspiring as an Actor to see such great productions and think maybe one day I'll be auditioning for shows like that once I've graduated. Some of my personal favourite TV shows have been, Fleabag, You're the Worst, Downton Abbey and Orange is the New Black. I cannot even deal with the amount of on screen talent and how amazing some of the writing has been! Fleabag has really been a highlight for me and I have been obsessed with it since I watched it, I mean Hot Priest Hi! Some wonderful Movies I have watched have been, Call me By Your Name, Downton Abbey, Toy Story 4 and many others! Over the Summer I had loads of time to watch movies and tv shows but with AMDA taking over my life I haven't been able to really until Christmas break. I cannot wait to see what new shows come out in 2020.


Well that is my year in a summary and what a weird year its been, it certainly hasn't been my best year but I have learnt A LOT of life lessons, such as be careful who you trust, do whats best for you and when all else fails grab a bottle of prosecco and pad thai! 


See y'all in 2020! Thank you for sticking with me for another year!


Charlotte x






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