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My name is Charlotte Forster and I am the owner of this blog!

I am an Actor and I am also interested in Fashion, Beauty, Figure Skating and Nail Art!

Please Enjoy my Blog!

13 May 2019

Hi Everyone

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! I have been constantly doing stuff and this is my first day where I have been able to sit down and properly write a post! It is pouring down with rain today so I am having a pyjama day whilst watching Dead to Me this...

29 Apr 2019

Hi Everyone

I have survived the first week back at school and have got stuck right into Rehearsal and Performance where we are in small groups working on different scenes. I am working on a scene called Mauritius and I love it! It's a great scene and can't wait to see h...

22 Apr 2019

Hi Everyone

Spring break has come and gone and so now comes the time to get back to school and busy everyday life but before all that adulting happens, I thought I would share my Spring Break with y'all because I did so many different things and want to be able to remem...

Hi Everyone

Back at it with some slightly original content on my blog for y'all! So buckle in because this post is a dedication to a certain TV show, AKA my favourite TV show ever!

So You're the Worst is this American TV show on FXX and I can honestly that everyone who d...

Hi Everyone

It's been a god awful week in the life of Chaz. For the past few days I have been really ill and stuck in bed with what I think is a virus or nasty cold so I have literally done nothing except lie in bed, stare at a script I'm meant to learn and drink Pine...

24 Mar 2019

Hi Everyone

This week I'm going for a different blog post to the usual weekly update as nothing interesting has happened at all, except I baked a boss ass Banana Bread!
I was inspired by Pinterest the other day and thought I would write about all my favourite things tha...

11 Mar 2019

Hi Everyone

I have been living in my new apartment for over a week now and let me tell y'all, I LOVE IT! My new apartment is beyond amazing and I can't get over how much happier it has made me. There are so many things I can do now that I live in my own place with soo...

Hi Everyone

Well it's been another manic week where I genuinely haven't stopped to sit down at all! I've been to yoga, been in lessons all week and done all the paper work to move in to my new apartment!
As of Sunday 3rd March, I am completely moved in to my new apartme...

24 Feb 2019

Hi Everyone

Well what a week it's been! I have had a chill week yet super busy week and so much is happening right now, so buckle in. Grab a snack and a cup of tea because I have so much to tell you.

I have only been in class for 2 days this week so I have had time to do...

17 Feb 2019

Hi Everyone

What's this? A new blog post that I have had time to sit down and write? I know I'm surprised too! I mean I am meant to be doing homework but I would much rather write to all you lovely people. It's been another hella busy week full of homework, exhaustion a...

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