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My name is Charlotte Forster and I am the owner of this blog!

I am an Actor and I am also interested in Fashion, Beauty, Figure Skating and Nail Art!

Please Enjoy my Blog!

17 Jul 2016

Hi Everyone

If you like my Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/charlottenotesblog) then you will have seen my announcement that I have started a Youtube Channel that will run along side this blog! I have wanted to start a channel for ages now and thought while it is summer,...

16 Jul 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all having a chill weekend! And if you're finished college/uni/sixth form/school then hope you're joining me in enjoying the free time and no responsibilities except maybe getting out of bed at least once a day! 

So I have recently been bec...

11 Jul 2016

Hi Everyone!

I have recently been trying to come up with my favourites list for June and have really been struggling to think of things to include this month! It isn't as long as the May favourites and some of my favourites aren't actual items that I can photograph so l...

6 Jul 2016

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, I haven't really been dong much as I'm not feeling 100% and just making the most of relaxing on my break from college!

Well that was until yesterday where me and Kathy (Mum) went into Durham to book an exciting holiday...

30 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

So today has been a pretty down day as I came downstairs to see that my goldfish hadn't made the night. Now I know it sounds silly but I was heartbroken because I always cry when someone dies, be it a pet, someone I know or favourite celebrity and I was abs...

29 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

Well, what a messy few days its been! I recently have found out that Fun Home is closing on Broadway and I am gutted. This is nearly as sad as when I found out glee was ending after season 6 and the ending of Orange is the New Black (Season 4)! Why are such...

27 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

Well today I may or may not have woken up at 1.30pm and had to be out the house by 2.40pm so it was a mad rush to get ready and have something to eat before heading out to meet up with some of the Sweeney Squad and have a cheeky spoons! (Wetherspoons is a p...

26 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

If you don't already know I am a HUGE SHOPAHOLIC and I have at least one retail therapy session a week! I really should stop but recently I got a PayPal account and so I can now do more damage with online shopping. As the sales are on literally everywhere I...

25 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

Well I have finally got around to writing about my end of year show at college and what a journey it was! I can't believe that this time last week that we were all recovering from the mad crazy show day!

The whole experience was something that I've never rea...

24 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone!

So today I thought that I would explain the future of what happening with CharlotteNotes and a little catch up with whats been going on and the plan for future blog posts! 

I started a new proper website for my blog because I wanted to invest in this blog a...

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