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My name is Charlotte Forster and I am the owner of this blog!

I am an Actor and I am also interested in Fashion, Beauty, Figure Skating and Nail Art!

Please Enjoy my Blog!

16 Sep 2019

Hi Everyone

Sorry its been so long since I last wrote a post but my life has been backflipping, cartwheeling, flipping and u turning for a solid 2 weeks. So I now finally have time to sit down this Sunday evening and write a full on update on what is happening in my lif...

26 Aug 2019

Hi Everyone

Well Summer is officially over for me (even though its only the middle of August) This Summer has been so up and down for me. There have been some amazing moments with lifelong memories and some pretty crap moments where it has ruined part of my Summer. I do...

14 Aug 2019

Hi Everyone

I cannot actually believe that its nearly the end of Summer, kind of in denial about it all because I can't bare the thought of school.

There will be a summer summary next week on everything I did and some pictures I took but for now I really wanted to write...

Hi Everyone

Its been a super busy week for me and I have a spare hour to sit down and write a cheeky blog post. The weather is currently the same temperature as the centre of the sun and I'm sat with an ice pack trying to cool down. I'm not built for this heat at all!


22 Jul 2019

Hi Everyone

Well it's been quite a while since I last blogged because I decided that I'd rather write an in depth blog post then a couple of crappy posts that don' t have any good content. I am officially over the halfway point for the Summer Break which is crazy becaus...

Hi Everyone

Well I haven't blogged in a hot second so here we are, she's back. I have nothing planned for this blog because not a lot has really happened since the last time I wrote a post but hey ho. A few things have happened so lets get started!

The biggest thing I th...

27 Jun 2019

Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven't been around lately or blogged, I have been settling back into New York life, errands and started my Yoga Teacher training last weekend so I thought today would be the perfect time to sit down and write a catch up post! I have so much to talk...

17 Jun 2019

Hi Everyone

I'm back in New York after a cheeky surprise trip back to Durham, which I have been keeping secret for quite a while (literally 3 people knew) and the reason was that I wanted to surprise my Grandma and yes, she was extremely surprised! So I was in England f...

Hi Everyone

Today was the day I FINALLY finished my first year at AADA and I can't express what a relief it was! I thought this day would never come. I was up at 6.00 am for school this morning as I had my final Rehearsal and Performance 'Performance' and had to get int...

19 May 2019

Hi Everyone

I'm coming at you guys with a very different post to my normal light hearted banter or weekly update. This is because of some recent news in America that has enraged me and I feel like I need to express everything on my blog because this way I can write do...

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